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OrganMuse™ is the amazing new system that turns pages, organizes your library, plays back the music, and even advances the registration for you as you play. Based on the MusicXML format, OrganMuse will work with any MIDI-capable organ, even pipe organs. As long as the organ has MIDI keyboard action and employs MIDI stop commands, the system will work. Thanks to the OrganMuse system, organists will never have to take their hands off the manuals while playing.

The universal mounting bracket and the "All-in-One" design of the computer and monitor makes it easy for the active organist to take the system "on the road". And, since an industry-standard CPU is being used, the computer comes with all the standard bundled software, and the hardware and software components all carry the manufacturers' standard warranties and tech support.

The computer follows the music as it is being played, and when the player reaches the bottom system, the first system of the next page appears at the top of the screen. When the player finishes the bottom system and begins the first system of the new page, the remainder of the previous page vanishes and the remainder of the new page appears, allowing for natural eye travel from lower right to upper left. There is no scrolling, and the music never leaves the sight of the player.

The MIDI Commander function allows the player to put a marker on the music, and when the player reaches that point in the music, the software changes the registration. This function will work with any organ that employs midi stop commands. There is also a memory file, which allows the player to program the registration for a single piece on multiple organs, even organs of different manufacturers, and recall those settings in an instant.

OrganMuse will, if desired, play the piece of music displayed, through the organ, at the desired tempo and using the stops the organist chooses.

OrganMuse has a library system that allows the organist to organize the music files in several ways. An entire concert can be placed into a single file folder and each piece will be recalled automatically at the end of the preceding piece. The large hard drive holds literally hundreds of thousands of pieces of music.

The organist can write on, or highlight, the score using the tablet/wireless mouse/pen system included. There are a variety of brush stroke sizes and colors to choose from, allowing the organist to color-code the music. There is also an eraser, which will erase the marks, but not the music.

You may download the OrganMuse user manual in PDF format here. (PDF, 579 KB)

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